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How long will it take for my site to be designed?
This will depend on the size and complexity of your site, once we have enough information regarding your requirements we will give you a time frame and completion date.
What is the cost to get a site designed?
Websites are designed in all shapes and sizes some have databases others have e-commerce capability. Our fees are based on the size of the project we do not charge by the hour like most companies and designers, It would be impossible to give a cost until we understand your full requirements.
How do I obtain my domain name?
As part of the web design process we will register your domain name, We can register any extension provided the name is available for registration, we can also check this for you.
Is web hosting included with my website?
All our sites are complete with full web hosting and we will issue a username and password once your site has been designed and live on the internet.
Can I update my own site?
Yes we can provide you with a content management package that will allow you login under a unique password and username and you can make changes in seconds.
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